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28 April 2014

The Gloucester Road Challenge

As a relative newcomer to Bristol, I am astounded by the range of quality, cheap produce that you can get from independent shops. Living a stone's throw from Gloucester Road, I am really enjoying being able to do my food shopping on foot, buying things from people who have a real connection with and a passion for what they are selling. However, I still fall back quite a lot on buying things like cheese and yoghurt from supermarkets. Being able to dash out and buy milk at 10pm has come in handy more than once. So, for the duration of the Food Connections Festival, I am going to try and buy everything from independent shops on Gloucester Road. I hope this will make me put more forethought and consideration into planning what I'm going to eat, as I can't just nip out to Sainsbury's if I forget something. Inevitably, I find myself throwing quite a lot of food away, so I'm going to be conscious of buying only what I need.

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